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The Happiness of Fighters

                          ——2018 New Year’s Speech


To all ABLE Colleagues:


General Secretary Xi mentioned in his New Year’s Speech that “Happiness shall be achieved by Fighting”.  This message alerted and inspired millions of people to move ahead and to pursue happiness with courage.  In ABLE MOTOR GROUP, we believe in the same philosophy – “Happiness shall be achieved by Fighting, and Happiness shall always be with Fighters”.


In 2017, we moved ahead bravely.


In this year, Shanghai Hope was listed on the New OTC Market and the construction of Shanghai Hope’s new building was basically completed.


In this year, the total amount of orders we received were more than RMB 700 million, which had reached an all-time record; the output of Ningde Plant was over RMB 400 million, which had also reached an all-time record.


We had also achieved major breakthroughs in our business philosophy and management theory this year.  We continued to reinforce the reform.  We set up the Maintenance Department and Development Department in the Group’s sales system.  We introduced the key accounts development manager system as well as introduced “Individual Tactics + General Manager” as the development and service model for key accounts.


In the next three years,


In 2018, we shall move ahead bravely.


In this year, we shall i) build up a solid foundation for the management of the Company; and ii) improve the execution capacity of the line staff, the decision-making capacity of middle-level managers, as well as the strategic decision-making power of senior management by i) conducting full inspection on the whole process of key accounts orders, full inspection on the full size and key size of the components and parts; and ii) implementing the training, inspection, communication and assessment system level by level.  We shall achieve more than 40% year-on-year growth and make a breakthrough on the application of power electronics technology.


In this year, we shall reinforce the key accounts development manager system, improve the development and service model for key accounts (“Individual Tactics + General Manager”), acquire more high quality key accounts and high quality OEM customers, as well as start to integrate and develop the segment market in the industry gradually.


In this year, the overall equipment condition and manufacturing capacity of ABLE shall reach a higher level, the intelligent manufacturing shall be implemented step by step, and the new building of Shanghai Hope shall be put into use.


In 2019, we shall move ahead bravely.


In this year, the public listing of ABLE MOTOR GROUP shall become inevitable due to our solid performance, profitability and innovation ability.


In this year, the strategy, concept, system and team of ABLE MOTOR GROUP shall enter into a new development scenario.


In 2020, we shall move ahead bravely.


In this year, ABLE MOTOR GROUP shall be listed on the public market.


In this year, we shall start our new adventure.


I wish all my colleagues a Happy New Year!


                                    Shaobo CHEN